Giselinde Kuipers

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials G.M.M.
Main position Hoogleraar Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Disciplines Sociology
  Social sciences
  Media sciences
Chair Cultuursociologie
Domain Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law
Membership Member
Since 2019
Board Member of Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law
Member of Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on scientists
Employed by KU Leuven
Centrum voor Sociologisch Onderzoek (CeSO)/Centre for Sociological Research (CeSO)
Postbus 3600
3000 Leuven
tel.  +32 16 323044
Personal website

Giselinde Kuipers is an authority on the sociology of humour and beauty. She is a prominent researcher in cultural and comparative historical sociology with a good eye for appealing but unusual topics in social science research. Among other things, Kuipers has shown that standards of feminine beauty do not vary much from one European country to the next. Perceptions of physical beauty depend mainly on educational level, age and degree of urbanisation. Kuipers has frequently warned that beauty is not a good gauge of reliability.