Harry Buhrman

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials H.M.
Main position Hoogleraar UvA, Groepsleider Algorithms & Complexity CWI, Directeur QuSoft
Disciplines Operations research
  Theoretical computer science
  Theoretical physics, (quantum) mechanics
  Logic, set theory and arithmetic
  Bioinformatics, biomathematics
Domain Natural Sciences and Engineering
Membership Member
Since 2020
Member of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Employed by Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI)
Algorithms & Complexity group
Science Park 123
1098 XG Amsterdam
tel.  020 592 4076
Personal website

Harry Buhrman is a pioneer in the promising field of quantum computing. Buhrman founded the quantum computing group at CWI (the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands) back in the nineties, making it one of the first groups worldwide and the first in the Netherlands working on quantum information processing. Buhrman operates at the interface of information science, mathematics and physics. A common theme in his work is the analysis of computing power and computer and communication network potential. He does this by designing new algorithms and communication protocols and by developing techniques demonstrating their efficiency. His work on quantum communication and quantum limitations is particularly renowned. Buhrman put the Netherlands on the map with respect to the development of quantum software. In addition to his research group, Buhrman also manages large research consortia and has inspired many young researchers.