Hans Bos

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials J.L.
Main position Hoogleraar UU
Disciplines Biochemistry
Chair Moleculair kankeronderzoek
Domain Medical, Biomedical and Health Sciences
Membership Member
Since 2006
Member of Medical, Biomedical and Health Sciences
Employed by University Medical Center Utrecht
Molecular Cancer Research
Universiteitsweg 100
3584 CG Utrecht
tel.  088 756 8989 (secr.)
Personal website

As professor in Physiological Chemistry Hans Bos aims to understand the regulation and function of Ras-like small GTPases. Ras is the paradigm of the family and mutated in 15% of all human cancers. Rap is a very close relative that functions in among others cell adhesion, integrity of cell junctions, cell migration, cell polarity and secretion. 

Major breakthroughs were the discovery of the cAMP-regulated Epac protein in 1998 and the discovery of the essential role of Rap1 in integrin-mediated cell adhesion in 2000 and in E-cadherin-mediated cell junction formation in 2004. More recent highlights are the elucidation of the crystal structure of Epac. Currently the main focus is on the spatio-temporal control of the Epac-Rap1 module in cell adhesion and the downstream molecular effects.