Alfons van Blaaderen

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials A.
Main position Directeur Debye institute voor nanomaterialen/hoogleraar UU
Disciplines Atomic physics and molecular physics
Chair Experimentele Natuurkunde van de Gecondenseerde Materie
Domain Natural Sciences and Engineering
Membership Member
Since 2013
Member of Natural Sciences and Engineering
Employed by Universiteit Utrecht
Ornstein Laboratorium, kamer 062
Princetonplein 1
3584 CC Utrecht
tel.  030 253 2204
Personal website


Alfons van Blaaderen has conducted pioneering research into the self-organising ability of colloid particles. Colloid particles arrange themselves and spontaneously form new structures under the influence of electrical fields or currents in liquids, for example. This is an important step for the development of smart materials with new properties, but it may also lead to new insights in fundamental processes such as crystallisation.