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Akademie Colloquium The audience turn in journalism studies

22 January 2019  -  25 January 2019
020 551 0747
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During this Academy colloquium, international academics will highlight the links and contrasts in their research findings relating to digital and other news use and practices. They will also formulate challenges for the study of this rapidly evolving research area.

This Academy colloquium is intended to extend our knowledge of the impact of the digitisation of journalism on news use practices and the way in which public commitment is shaped. An innovative aspect is that the colloquium is based on a user perspective rather than the maker perspective that is dominant in journalism studies. 

The colloquium is an attempt to understand how digitisation and the increasingly participative character of journalism is shaping the way in which people respond to news and how a social connection is being created by news. This urgently requires new theories, concepts and research methods in which the user is central.


Professor Irene Costera Meijer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Professor Marcel Broersma (University of Groningen)