Arend Heyting day and lecture 2015

27 February 2015 from 09:15 to 17:00 hrs
Academiegebouw. Domplein 29 3512 JE Utrecht
+31 30 253 2173
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Arend Heyting Lecture 2015 by Michael Rathjen, Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Leeds, entitled '136 years and still going strong(?): Cantor's continuum problem'. 

Rathjen will show how constructive logic, as developed by Arend Heyting, can be used in the study of the central classical problem concerning the infinite: Cantor’s Continuum Hypothesis. The Continuum Hypothesis is the conjecture that every set of reals is either finite or countably infinite or of the same size as the set of al reals.

Other speakers are:

  • Lev Beklemishev (Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow)
  • Nick Bezhanishvili (University of Amsterdam)
  • Jaap van Oosten (Universiteit Utrecht) 
  • Paulo Oliva (Queen Mary University of London). 

The chair of the Arend Heyting Foundation and Academy member Albert Visser (University Utrecht) will introduce the speakers.