Academy Colloquium

Dependence Logic

3 March 2014  -  5 March 2014
KNAW, Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam
+31 20 551 0810
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The goal of this Academy Colloquium is to establish a basic theory of dependence and independence underlying seemingly unrelated subjects such as bound variables in logic, database theory, the theory of social choice, random variables, Mendelian genetics, causality, and even parts of quantum physics.

There is an abundance of new results in this field demonstrating remarkable convergence. The concepts of (in)dependence in the different fields of humanities and sciences have surprisingly much in common and a common logic is starting to emerge.


Participation in the colloquium is by invitation only and will be limited to fifty invited scholars. Registration is closed.


Dr. J.A. Väänänen


icon_downl_generiek.gifAgents with Perfect and Truly Perfect Recall - Nils Bulling

icon_downl_generiek.gifReasoning on Issues - Ivano Ciardelli

icon_downl_generiek.gifLabeled Directed Acyclic Graphs - Jukka Corander

icon_downl_generiek.gifConditional Independence and Irrelevance - hand-out - Philip Dawid

icon_downl_generiek.gifImpossibility Theorems in Graph Aggregation - Ulle Endriss

icon_downl_generiek.gifStrongly First Order Dependencies in Team Semantics - Pietro Galliani

icon_downl_generiek.gifTeam Semantics, Games, and Negation - Erich Grädel

icon_downl_generiek.gifSuppositional inquisitive semantics - Jeroen Groenendijk

icon_downl_generiek.gifA finite axiomatization of conditional independence and inclusion dependencies - Miika Hannula

icon_downl_generiek.gifModal Dependence Logic - Tutorial - Lauri Hella

icon_downl_generiek.gifIndependence in model theory - Asa Hirvonen

icon_downl_generiek.gifA Tutorial on Database Dependencies - Phokion G. Kolaitis

icon_downl_generiek.gifComplexity results on Dependence Logic - Juha Kontinen

icon_downl_generiek.gifGeneralized atoms and quantiers - Antti Kuusisto

icon_downl_generiek.gifDependence and Independence in Social Choice Theory - Eric Pacuit

icon_downl_generiek.gif(In)dependence Logic in Model Theory - Gianluca Paolini

icon_downl_generiek.gifThe Expressive Power of Unany. Inclusion and Exclusion Atoms - Raine Rönnholm

icon_downl_generiek.gifTeam semantics for natural language. The case of disjunction. - Floris Roelofsen

icon_downl_generiek.gifAxiomatizing modal dependence logic - Jonni Virtema

icon_downl_generiek.gifTeam-based logics over Kripke structures - Heribert Vollmer

icon_downl_generiek.gifAxiomatizing propositional dependence logic - Fan Yang