Leading Women in Fungal Biology

30 August 2017  -  31 August 2017
Westerdijk Institute, Utrecht Uithof
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This symposium is  a celebration of the life, career, and struggle of Johanna Westerdijk to empower female mycologists.

The most devastating disease of elms, 'Dutch elm disease' was coined this name because most of the important discoveries were made by a team of Dutch women, led by Johanna Westerdijk, who was also the first director of the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, and the first female professor in the Netherlands, appointed at Utrecht University in 1917.

Speakers at this symposium are restricted to female mycologists, although males are encouraged to attend. The symposium consists of seven sessions, covering fungal applications, medical mycology, ecology, evolution, genomics, plant pathology and biodiversity. Each session consists of talks, with numerous leading female speakers from around the world presenting keynotes, and additional presentations selected from submitted abstracts.