Master class

One Health Approach to Infectious Diseases

13 February 2017
Trippenhuis Building, Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam
020 551 0747
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Prior to the Academy Colloquium on the 'One Health Approach to Infectious Diseases' a one-day master class will be organised intended for 20 PhD students from any disciplines related to infectious diseases and One Health.


During the masterclass, a more in depth analysis will be provided on at least two topics requiring a One Health approach with a focus on infectious diseases. In preparation of the master class, students will be given a specific infectious disease challenge as a case study. The topics will be drafted based on expertise from the scientific committee with the NCOH consortium, and they will be presented in the form of a short problem description. They will be prepared jointly by two NCOH themes: EID with HWE and AMR with SHF. The topics will be balanced to account for a One Health approach and will be selected close to the master class to ensure timely and most-relevant case studies. As a pre-meeting assignment, participants will be asked to jointly prepare a short presentation, in which they present the problem to the other participants. The topics at the moment are presumably the recent outbreaks of flaviviruses (Usutu virus, West Nile virus) and the co-existence of microorganisms.

During the master class, the topics will first be introduced by two (international) experts in the field. The students will then present their prepared assignments. A multidisciplinary team of principal investigators from the NCOH will join to present some of the state-of-the-art research and discuss the work with the students in more depth and thereby exemplify the One Health approach to infectious diseases. The master class will be finalised through a central discussion session on the One Health approach to tackling the specific topics.

The master class will be organised for twenty PhD students. To support maximum in depth analysis during the master class, an important criterion for selection of students will be research from various disciplines.

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The Netherlands Center for One Health, Prof. Marc Bonten (UMC Utrecht), Prof. Marion Koopmans (Erasmus MC Rotterdam), Prof. Andrea Gröne (Utrecht University), Dr Annemarie Rebel (Wageningen UR), Dr Jovanka Bestebroer (UMC Utrecht)