Masterclass 'FIRSED2013 - the FIR-submm SEDs of galaxies with and without active nucleus'

2 April 2013
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What do the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) tell us about the mechanisms/processes at work, forming and shaping galaxies in their environments through cosmic time? Focus is on farIR-submm, in its relation to the full SED, that is radio, near-IR, optical, uv and X-ray. Reporting and discussing observations with the successful Spitzer, Herschel, and WISE missions and in anticipation of ALMA.

Masterclass taught by key experts in the field preceding the 3-day Colloquium at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences in Amsterdam.


  • Prof. Dr P.D. (Peter) Barthel, (Kapteyn Institute, Univ. of Groningen, The Netherlands - chairman)
  • Prof. dr. K. Meisenheimer (Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Prof. Dr D.B. Sanders (Institute for Astronomy, Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu, United States)
  • Dr B.J. Wilkes (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States