NIAS: Conference on Studies of Belonging

9 June 2021  -  11 June 2021
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On the occasion of NIAS' 50th anniversary , the conference on Studies of Belonging aims to set the agenda for future interdisciplinary and international collaborations on this topic.

This Conference will be made up of interdisciplinary panels of researchers, artists, writers and journalists. During the 2.5 day working conference, we will collaboratively explore the yet unestablished field of Studies of Belonging and will learn and understand the concept of Belonging as it is used and expressed in arts and the social sciences.

Keynote Speakers

  • Gloria Wekker, NIAS Alumni and Emeritus Professor Gender and Ethnicity, University of Utrecht, speaking on the thread of Identity, Inequality and Politics
  • Amin Ghaziani, Professor of Sociology, University of British Columbia, speaking on the thread of Community and the Individual
  • Nadim Rouhana NIAS Alumni and Professor of International Affairs and Conflict Studies, Tufts University, speaking on the thread of Borders and Mobility

More information and registration

You can find more information about the conference via the website of NIAS-KNAW