NIAS Fellow: Ramaswamy Ramanujam 'Social algorithms, knowledge and communication'

12 May 2010 from 16:00 to 16:00 hrs
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Why do we queue up at a bus stop?

It is not only that a queue is orderly and efficient for everyone concerned, but that it enforces itself as a social arrangement: anyone attempting to jump the queue gets dark looks. But the same people who are orderly at a bus stop, often tend to be less so at a luggage carousel in an airport. Why does this happen?

Ramaswamy Ramanujam is professor of Logic and Distributed Systems at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. Currently he is Lorentz Fellow at NIAS.
>The talk will attempt to describe formal theories that try and address the role of knowledge, intersubjectivity and patterns of communication in social interactions. While the work attempts to find mathematical structures underlying these, the talk will only be illustrative of the reasoning involved.
>The lecture is followed by an open discussion The NIAS Seminar series is a sequence of lectures organised each academic year by the Rector of the Institute. These seminars are meant to appeal to interested parties from a wide range of backgrounds. It is hoped that the series will encourage closer contact within the Dutch academic world.

The lectures are followed by an open discussion.