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Ammodo KNAW Award: incentive for fundamental scientific research

9 April 2014

The Ammodo Foundation and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) wish to encourage unfettered fundamental scientific research. Every other year, the Ammodo KNAW Award will make it possible for eight promising researchers to explore new directions in fundamental scientific research at their discretion. The deadline for the first round of nominations for this Award is 16 June 2014.

Ammodo believes in the importance of unfettered fundamental scientific research because its aim is to push back the boundaries of human knowledge. The Academy shares this opinion; in fact, in a recent report surveying the impact of the Dutch government’s economic policy on research in the Netherlands, it noted that unfettered fundamental scientific research is at risk of falling by the wayside in the country’s current funding climate. The two organisations have established the Ammodo KNAW Award to create new opportunities to encourage fundamental scientific research across the entire spectrum.


The Ammodo KNAW Award consists of eight prizes of EUR 300,000 each and is intended for internationally acclaimed researchers working at a Dutch university or Dutch research institute. Candidates must have received their PhDs no more than fifteen years previously and must be capable of blazing new trails in fundamental scientific research. Ammodo and the Academy hope that the Academy KNAW Award will encourage talent development and stimulate these researchers’ continuing careers in science.

Award 2015

The Ammodo KNAW Award is awarded every other year to a total of eight promising sciences working across the entire scientific spectrum, from biomedical sciences to the humanities, and from the natural to the social sciences. Nominations for the 2015 Award will be accepted until 16 June 2014. The boards of the Ammodo Foundation and the Academy will announce the winners of the first Ammodo KNAW Award in January 2015. The award ceremony will take place in March 2015.

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The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has three core tasks. It is an active society of outstanding scientists and scholars from all disciplines. As an independent organisation, it serves the interests of science and scholarship and advises the Dutch government. It is also responsible for seventeen nationally and internationally renowned research institutes active in the humanities, the social sciences and the life sciences, as well as in public debate. The Academy was founded in 1808 and has a total of 1400 employees and a budget of 150 million euros. For more information, see