Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal awarded to Daan Frenkel

25 June 2015

On Monday 25 January 2016, Daan Frenkel will receive the 2015 Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal for the outstanding contribution that his creative computer simulations have made to the development of phase theory, the science that studies the behaviour of matter under changing circumstances.

What the jury has to say about Daan Frenkel

‘Daan Frenkel’s achievements are impressive because his creative computer simulations have opened up and mapped out new territory in phase theory. His research underpins a large number of theoretical and experimental studies on the behaviour of suspensions, fluids containing insoluble spherical, rod-shaped, and discoidal particles.’ The jury consisted of Academy members Henk Lekkerkerker (chair), Bernard Nienhuis, and Jakob de Swaan Arons, and The Young Academy’s Maaike Kroon.

About Daan Frenkel

Daan Frenkel (born in 1948) has been Professor of Theoretical Chemistry at Trinity College, Cambridge, since 2007. He is also the Head of the Department of Chemistry there. Until 2013, he was Professor of Macromolecular Simulations at the University of Amsterdam and associated with the Computational Physics research group at FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam. He was also Professor of Computational Physical Chemistry at Utrecht University. Daan Frenkel is a member of the Royal Academy. In 2000, he received the Spinoza Prize.

Frenkel’s work in the field of computational physical chemistry is internationally renowned. His research has led to new separation methods for the petrochemicals industry. Frenkel uses computer simulations to mimic physical and chemical processes. He is also a talented teacher and author. His classic work Understanding Molecular Simulation, co-authored with Berend Smit, has introduced whole generations of young researchers to the world of computer simulations.

About the Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal

The Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal is awarded to researchers who have made significant contributions to phase theory, the science that studies the behaviour of matter under changing circumstances of pressure, temperature and composition. Phase theory can be applied in physical chemistry, physics, metallurgy, geochemistry, and astrophysics. The medal was established in 1911 to recognise the work of the physicist Prof. H.W. Bakhuis Roozeboom (1854-1907). 

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place on Monday 25 January during a symposium at the Academy’s Trippenhuis Building focusing on the laureate’s research.

icon_downl_generiek.gifDownload photo of Daan Frenkel in high resolution. Photographer: Nathan Pitt