Classicist Ineke Sluiter new Academy vice-president

14 March 2018

Classicist Ineke Sluiter is to be the new vice-president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. She will succeed Wim van Saarloos, who will commence his two-year term as the Academy’s president on 1 June. Sluiter will succeed him automatically as president in 2020. Ineke Sluiter is Professor of Greek Language and Literature at Leiden University. She will combine her position there with her work as vice-president and president of the Academy.

About Ineke Sluiter

Ineke Sluiter (born 1959) has been Professor of Greek Language and Literature at Leiden University since 1998. Her research focuses on language, literature and public discourse in classical antiquity. Sluiter connects the concerns and interests of the ancient world to those of the present day, for example freedom of speech, education, and cultural identity.

From 2000 to 2011, she was the academic director of OIKOS, the national research school for classical studies in the Netherlands. She was one of the founders of the national ‘Anchoring Innovation’ programme, which studies how innovation processes unfold and how societies come to accept innovation. Sluiter has continued as the head of this programme, the only humanities project to be awarded a Gravitation Grant. Sluiter is one of the founders of Athena’s Angels, four female professors who have joined together to defend the rights of women academics. She also regularly seeks to improve the position of young researchers.

In 2010, Ineke Sluiter received the NWO’s Spinoza Prize and the Academy’s Academy Professors Prize. She is a member of the Academy, the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities and the Academia Europaea, and is also a corresponding fellow of the British Academy.

Academy Board

The Academy Board members are: José van Dijck (president until 1 June 2018), Wim van Saarloos (currently vice-president, president as from 1 June 2018), Philip Scheltens (general secretary) and members Marileen Dogterom, Marc Groenhuijsen and Maarten Prak.