Fatties don't live less long, they have more years with impairments

20 October 2010

People who are slightly overweight live just as long as people with a normal weight. However, they have to live much longer with impairments. Only serious obesity (a BMI of 35 or over) results in earlier morbidity.

This has been revealed by research conducted by demographer Mieke Reuser. She will be awarded a PhD by the University of Groningen on 28 October. Reuser: 'People who want to get old do not have to diet. However, if you want to be old and healthy, you should keep an eye on your BMI.' Reuser conducted her research at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI-KNAW) in The Hague and the Population Research Centre (PRC) of the University of Groningen.The research was partly financed by the KNAW and a research grant from Netspar.

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