European Science Academies publish study on marine sustainability

16 June 2015

The seas and oceans are under pressure. These pressures have created an increasing focus on coherent marine and maritime governance globally. However, the scientific understanding of marine systems is constantly evolving and there remain considerable uncertainties. Policymaking and policy implementation must recognise these uncertainties and drive efforts to address them, conclude the European Science Academies (EASAC).

EASAC is the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council, a network of the national science academies of the EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland.

Recognising the emerging governance challenges for integrating the various aspects of marine policy (fisheries management, biodiversity conservation and marine environmental protection), EASAC has conducted a study on this issue, in collaboration with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

The summary of this study published on 8 June 2015 constitutes a scientific contribution to World Oceans Day. A full report with detailed conclusions will be published later this year.

Read the full press release on EASAC website