Four new members of the Society of Arts

14 January 2017

The Society of Arts will welcome four new members: actor Nasrdin Dchar, writer Adriaan van Dis, theatre director Ola Mafaalani, and soprano Claron McFadden. They will be inducted into the Society on 8 June 2017.

Nasrdin Dchar

Actor Nasrdin Dchar came to prominence for his work in the film Rabat, for which he won a 2011 Netherlands Film Festival Award. He has acted in several productions by the Ro Theater and produces his own plays, including DAD, in which he will appear starting in February this year. He has joined the cast of the drama series Zwarte Tulp. He also plays the lead in the series De 12 van Oldenheim, which will be broadcast in autumn 2017. Dchar is one of the initiators of IEDER1, a foundation whose purpose is to foster unity in society.

Adriaan van Dis

Writer Adriaan van Dis published his debut novella, Nathan Sid, in 1983. Among his other well-received works are his travel books Het beloofde land and In Afrika and the novels Indische duinen (in translation: My Father's War) and Tikkop. His most recent book is Ik kom terug, which he turned into a theatrical production featuring himself and actress Olga Zuiderhoek. A collection of his books, stories and essays about South Africa, entitled De Zuid-Afrika boeken, is due to appear in February.

Ola Mafaalani

Theatre director Ola Mafaalani was the artistic director of the Noord Nederlands Toneel in Groningen from 2009 to 2016. In addition to such classics as Medea and Hamlet, she has also directed a ten-hour theatrical version of Borgen. She has worked with the Toneelgroep Amsterdam, the Kölner Schauspielhaus, the American Repertory Theatre (ART) and the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (KVS). Mafaalani believes that art and society cannot be separated; in her work, she reflects on social and political issues, such as the refugee crisis. In her view, artists must function as the conscience of society. She is the recipient of the 2016 Prosceniumprijs, a major Dutch theatrical award.

Claron McFadden

Soprano Claron McFadden is well known for making original choices in repertoire and presentation forms. She feels at home performing many different musical genres and often seeks to combine classical compositions with rock, jazz and non-European music. McFadden has sung with the Dutch National Opera, the Bayerische Staatsoper and La Scala in Milan. She also performed during the investiture of His Majesty King Willem Alexander in 2013. McFadden has been an Artist in Residence at Muziektheater Transparant since 2012. Her first production there, Lilith, premiered during the Holland Festival. In 2010 she gave a TEDxAmsterdam talk about the spontaneity of vocal expression. In 2016 she gave a talk with Robbert Dijkgraaf about chaos, structure, and the parallels between art and science.

About the Society of Arts

The Society of Arts was founded in 2013 and now has fifty members representing the full breadth of the arts. Each year, the Society organises a nomination round. Everyone is welcome to nominate candidates, and a committee selects the new members. Membership is for a five-year period, after which members are made lifelong fellows. The Society of Arts is a forum for discussing the value of art in society and the relationship between art and science. It is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.