Massachusetts General Hospital Award in Cancer Research for Hans Clevers

19 March 2014

The ninth Massachusetts General Hospital Award in Cancer Research has been given to Prof. Hans Clevers. The MGH Award in Cancer Research, established through a bequest in memory of Grace and Nathan Schiff, has been awarded annually since 2006.

The faculty of the MGH Center for Cancer Research selects recipients based on their outstanding contributions to cancer research as well as on excellence in mentoring.

Previous recipients are Anton Berns, (2006), Joan Massague (2007), Titia de Lange (2008), Bert Vogelstein (2009), Charles Sawyers (2010), Michael Stratton (2011), Craig Thompson (2012), and James Allison (2013).

Hans_Clevers_Foto_Henk_Thomas.jpgHans Clevers' research interests include cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying tissue growth. His numerous scientific contributions to these fields, described over 400 high profile scientific publications, include the discovery of the TCF/LEF family of transcription factors and their roles as nuclear effectors of WNT signaling both in normal development and in cancer. Other important discoveries include the identification of Lgr5 as a marker of stem cells in several adult tissues, and the identification of Lgr5 and its relatives as the receptors for R-spondins, a family of potent stem cell growth factors.

The MGH Award in Cancer Research has been presented to him by Dr Daniel Haber, director MGH Cancer Center, in Boston on 14 March 2014.

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