Members appointed to Committee for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure

14 July 2015

Yesterday, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) announced the appointees to the Permanent National Committee for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure (in Dutch: Permanente Nationale Commissie voor Grootschalige Wetenschappelijke Infrastructuur). The Government had announced plans to establish the committee in its ‘2025 Vision for Science’ report.


The committee has twelve members and is chaired by Hans van Duijn, former Chancellor of Eindhoven University of Technology. Other members of the committee are Academy members Kees Aarts, Ewine van Dishoeck and Titia Sixma; the Academy's eHumanities group programme leader Sally Wyatt; and Young Academy member Iris Sommer.


The committee’s first assignment is to compile an inventory of all large-scale research facilities at universities, research institutes, organisations for applied research, and state institutes. It will include foreign facilities that are open to Dutch researchers. The inventory will cover both physical equipment – such as telescopes and particle accelerators – and less tangible facilities, for example databases, biobanks and ICT facilities. The committee will determine the need for new facilities for basic and applied research. It will also explore opportunities for public-public and public-private partnerships.

More information

Please visit the NWO’s website for more information (in Dutch) about the committee and its tasks.