NWO Vidi grants to members the Young Academy and researcher International Institute of Social History

14 June 2021

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) announced the names of the researchers who have been awarded a Vidi grant under the 2020 round. Among the 78 Vidi laureates are two Young Academy members Tim Baarslag and Hilde Verbeek, and one Academy researcher: Pepijn Brandon of the International Institute of Social History.

Coordinating Multi-deal Bilateral Negotiations

Tim Baarslag, CWI
Automated procurement systems hold great promise for businesses, but they also require algorithms with a brand-new responsibility: performing several interconnected negotiations at the same time. The researcher will develop new negotiation and coordination algorithms that can strike multiple partial deals with multiple partners.

Vitamin G: Green Care Farms as environment to improve residents well-being

Hilde Verbeek, Maastricht University
The environment determines our behaviour, but how does this work for nursing home residents with dementia? Green care farms provide a radical redesign and appear to improve residents’ daily life. The researchers examine residents’ functioning and well-being in green care farms and regular nursing homes to identify effective environmental elements.

Land Grabbing and Dutch Empire (16th-18th century)

Pepijn Brandon, International Institute of Social History
Land Grabbing is an urgent global problem with deep historical roots. This project shows how the market-oriented early modern Dutch state encouraged large-scale dispossession of land as commercial strategy within and outside Europe. The Dutch example highlights the interplay between violence and markets in the development of agrarian capitalism.