Refugees in Science programme to continue under new name

4 June 2019

The ‘Refugees in Science’ pilot programme that was first launched in 2018 is set to continue in 2019 and 2020 under the name Hestia – Refugees in Science Scheme. On 4 June, NWO will announce the new call for 2019. 

Through the Hestia – Refugees in Science Impuls, NWO will provide funding for the appointment of academics who have fled their home country and wish to continue their scientific career in the Netherlands. Candidates must hold a master’s degree or a doctorate and must have been granted refugee status in the Netherlands. The pilot was developed in consultation with the Young Academy, KNAW and the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF.

As in the first round, candidates can express their interest in the call by filling in an expression of interest form. These details will then be shared with institutes and parties interested in the call in order to find suitable candidates for ongoing research projects or project managers. Interested project managers involved in an ongoing NWO or ZonMw project can advertise their project on the NWO website, so that refugees can conduct a more targeted search for a suitable project. Questions about the programme can be send to

A few changes have been introduced to the 2019 call compared to the round in 2018, based on an evaluation that was conducted. One of those changes is that it will be possible to request appointments for 18 months. In the case of part-time work, a full-time appointment can be spread out over 24 months. The other changes will be announced in the new call: 

3 July: information session

On 3 July, The Young Academy, KNAW, UAF and NWO will organise an information session in the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA). More information will be given during the information session. Candidates will also have the opportunity to speak to NWO staff members, laureates and project managers from the previous round, as well as representatives from the institutions. Interested project managers are also welcome. 

Call for proposals 

Proposals can be submitted from 4 June onwards, deadline is 10 September.

As in the first round, the proposal has to be submitted by a project manager involved in an ongoing research project that is already being funded by NWO or ZonMw. The proposal enables the project manager to request additional funding for an 18-month appointment of a junior or senior researcher with demonstrable refugee status. The total available budget for this new round is 980.000 euro. The maximum amount for each grant is 140.00 euro. If the maximum grant is applied for, according to estimations between 7 and 10 proposals will be honoured in total. More details about who is eligible to apply and the criteria for submitting a proposal are published in the call for proposals.