Ten young researchers receive Academy’s Early Career Partnership

17 May 2021

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has awarded its Early Career Partnerships for the second time to ten young researchers. They will have the opportunity to organise an interdisciplinary meeting and will receive €10,000 to do so.

KNAW Early Career PartnershipsThe Academy’s Early Career Partnership meetings bring together researchers from a wide range of disciplines: medicine, anthropology, ethics, law, economics, religion, computer science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, history, cognitive sciences, political science, communication and linguistics.

Ten promising proposals

The Academy received 23 applications for an Early Career Partnership. An assessment committee consisting of four Academy members and one member of The Young Academy, chaired by André Knottnerus, Professor of General Practice at Maastricht University, assessed the applications and ultimately selected ten promising proposals for an award.

André Knottnerus says: ‘The applications that have been approved are of outstanding scientific quality, focus on important social issues and emphasise interdisciplinarity. They are based on robust international partnerships among top experts, which is the best way to understand and solve complex issues. This is precisely why the Academy supports promising young scientists through this programme.’

About the Academy’s Early Career Partnerships

The Academy’s Early Career Partnership gives ten early career researchers the opportunity to organise an interdisciplinary meeting in collaboration with a member of the Academy. The researchers must have received their PhD no more than seven years before. The purpose of the meeting is to explore unconventional, innovative ideas or methods for basic research. The award recipients are given one year to organise the event. The Academy Early Career Partnerships are financed from the Academy Fund.

Winners, Academy Early Career Partnerships 2021

Name of applicant

Title of meeting

Eddie Brummelman, UvA

Now is the time to address inequality in education: An interdisciplinary partnership

Sarah Cramsey, UL

Families in transit: Child-bearing, child-rearing and inheritance during displacement

Lorena De Vita, UU

Wassenaar 1952: Re-inventing reparations

Riccardo Macchioro, RU

On the way to the future of digital manuscript studies

Katerina Manevska, RU

Changing minds: Developing an integrated perspective on how and when people change their mind.

Dimitri van den Meerssche, UvA

Winter Academy on legal method, methodology and critique in a digital era

Fabiola Müller, UvA

Developing a research agenda for post-COVID fatigue

Janna Loes Pouwels, UvA

Bridging social sciences and AI to develop a novel content-based media effects paradigm

Pooyan Tamimi Arab, UU

Big data and the study of religion: How new methods reveal global secular and religious dynamics

Liesbeth van Vliet, UL

What (not) to say: Unravelling the (un)questionable ideal of open information provision in advanced cancer