United States travel ban seriously hinders free practice of science

10 February 2017

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and The Young Academy support the statements published by the International Council for Science (ICSU), the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) and EuroScience.

The International Council for Science calls on the government of the United States to rescind the executive order issuing the travel ban. According to the ICSU, the ban discriminates against individuals based on their origin. This is contrary to the practice of science, which is by definition universal in nature, and violates the ICSU’s Principle of Universality of Science.


The ICSU is a non-governmental organisation with 122 members (representing 142 countries) and 31 international scientific unions.  ICSU mobilises the knowledge and resources of the international scientific community to strengthen international science for the benefit of society.


In its statement, the InterAcademy Partnership expresses serious concerns about President Trump’s executive order and the restrictions that it places on academic freedom and autonomy. The IAP calls on President Trump to reconsider the executive order on travel restrictions, which is due for renewal within 90 days, and replace it with more appropriate measures to address the security concerns of the American public.

Founded in 1993, the IAP is a global network of 107 science academies.


In an open letter addressing European governments and the European Commission, EuroScience calls on them to continue upholding the principles and values that underpin scientific progress by working with their counterparts in the US administration to maintain a global science system based on these principles and by taking any associated measures at the national and European levels. 

EuroScience was founded in 1997 and is a non-profit grassroots association of 2600 European researchers in 77 countries.