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Winner Art of Neuroscience

11 June 2021

The eleventh edition of the Art of Neuroscience competition is won by Yas Crawford, an associate of the Royal Photographic Society and independent artist. With her artwork ‘Cognition IX’, Crawford looks at neurological interoception in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) patients. The winner was chosen by a jury out of 293 entries from over 20 countries.

The ‘Cognition IX’ artwork belongs to a series of images entitled 'The 8th Sense' and was created by using digital and analogue photography, video and camera-less experiments. Crawford: “interoception is considered to be the 8th Sense, a link between bodily sensation and emotional reactions. In recent decades the idea of how the body processes information and bodily sensations has created the idea of the experienced phenomenologically lived body as the basis of consciousness". 

The jury praised the perfectly composed image, full of movement, dynamic and with a lot of flow. One jury member said it clearly “represents the explosion that takes place inside our heads”.  

 More submissions can be found on the website of the Art of Neuroscience.

About the competition

Art of Neuroscience was born in 2011 at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience as a competition for inspiring and provocative imagery from neuroscience labs. The goal has been to make the research from neuroscience labs more tangible, but also aims for scientists to evaluate their own work from a different perspective. In previous editions it has welcomed artists to also submit work inspired by the brain to stimulate the cross-over between neuroscience and art.

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

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