Winner Art of Neuroscience 2018

16 July 2018

With their project that shows the continuous connection that underpins the neuroscience of emotions and behavior, Carmine Pariante (Kings College London, UK) and Lynn Lu (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore/University of the Arts London, UK) won this year the Art of Neuroscience, an international competition for the best image / imagery in neuroscience.

Their entry called For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, it might have been is a metaphorical blood exchange that draws from Prof Pariante’s research at King’s College: blood inflammation in people affected by stress impacts the brain and reduces the birth of new neurons, thus inducing depressive symptoms.

More submissions can be found on the website of the Art of Neuroscience.

About the competition

Art of Neuroscience was born in 2011 at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience as a competition for inspiring and provocative imagery from neuroscience labs. The goal has been to make the research from neuroscience labs more tangible, but also aims for scientists to evaluate their own work from a different perspective. In previous editions it has welcomed artists to also submit work inspired by the brain to stimulate the cross-over between neuroscience and art.

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience is an Academy research institute. It conducts basic and strategic research in the neurosciences. It examines how the human brain makes awareness, perception, movement, learning, social interaction and other cognitive functions possible. It also studies how brain disorders can disrupt these functions.

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