World Social Science Forum on social transformations and the digital age

16 October 2013

From 13-15 October the World Social Science Forum took place in Montreal. The theme of the Forum was ‘Social Transformations and the Digital Age’. Sally Wyatt, Programme Leader of the eHumanities Group of the KNAW, was chair of the programme committee.

Over 1000 participants from 60 countries attended the World Social Science Forum, representing the full range of social science disciplines. 

Many panels addressed the huge diversity of ways that digital technologies are affecting how people live, work, play and do politics. There were panels about big and open data, about new forms of collaboration, about the role of models and simulations et cetera.

More extensive details will also appear in the next issue of the eHumanities Group newsletter in December. Le Devoir, Canada’s leading francophone newspaper, provided extensive coverage of the event.

The Forum is organized under the auspices of the International Social Science Council, of which the KNAW is a member.

The next Forum will be held in South Africa in 2015, and the theme will be ‘transforming global relations for a just world’.