Bakounine, Oeuvres complètes

Bakunin, M.A.

2000 | 0 pages | ISBN 90-6984-303-X | free

This CD-ROM contains all known writings of the Russian anarchist Michail Alexandrovic Bakunin (1814-1876) in both the original version and, whenever applicable, a French translation. The IISH (International Institute of Social History) holds a considerable collection of Bakunin's papers, part of which were published in the series Archives Bakounine, edited by Arthur Lehning (1961-1981). Yet more than 40 other archival institutions possess from one to many thousands of pages of his manuscripts. All of them have now been brought together on the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM has been edited by the IISH, developed by the Netherlands Institute of Scientific Information Services (NIWI) and is distributed by Edita, the Academy's publishing house.

The CD-ROM contains images and transcriptions of more than 1200 letters and more than 350 texts that were written by Bakunin in the period 1823-1876. Much of the material is unique: the CD-ROM contains hundreds of texts that have not been published before. Many others are being made available for the first time integrally and in their original language. There are three categories of texts: letters, writings and various other writings. These include notes Bakunin made on works he studied, codes he used for some of his correspondence, and personal documents. Place of origin, date, etc. are stated with every document.

The CD-ROM has extensive search possibilities and a bilingual interface. Published by IISH/NIWI/Edita.

Please note: System requirements IBM-compatible PC with 80486 processor, Pentium recommended. Minimum 8 MB memory (RAM), 16 MB recommended Windows 95, NT 4.0 and Windows 98 or lower previous systems.


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