Scientific Programme Indonesia - Netherlands

Proceedings of a workshop held on February 12th 2002 in Bandung Indonesia

Stapel, J. (ed.)

2003 | 80 pages | ISBN 90-6984-386-2 | free

On February 11, 2002, renewed Memoranda of Understanding were signed between the Indonesian and Dutch Ministers responsible for education, science and technology. The memoranda express the mutual intention to continue and further expand the scientific cooperation between Indonesia and The Netherlands. It was a pleasure for the Dutch partner in this so-called SPIN programme, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, to use the occasion and organize an Open Science Meeting, in close cooperation with the Institute of Technology. At this meeting a cross section was presented of joint studies realized within SPIN. It demonstrated the breadth of cooperation that had been established. The topics ranged from social science studies to medical, ecological, agricultural and mathematical research projects. This volume is an edited collection of the papers presented at this Open Science Meeting and holds a range of fascinating outcomes of scientific interaction across the globe. Contributors: I. Abdullah, B. Alisjahbana, R. Bak, G. van den Berg, R. van Crevel, W. Douven, J. Heun, B. Hidayat, T. Hobma, P. Hoekstra, T. Hoitink, F. Hüsken, M.N. Ichwan, W. Kiswara, H. Lindeboom, H. Löffler, E. Meesters, J.H. Meuleman, Y. Noor, S. Nuraini, T.M. On, J. Stapel, N. Sukmantalya, I.K. Syamsu, D.A. Tiwi, T. van Weering