Descartes-Huygens Prize to two nanoscientists

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  • Which role does the brain play in prosocial behavior? May 08, 2018

    A study from Selene Gallo (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, KNAW) investigated whether altering activity in these tactile brain regions while witnessing the pain of others would alter people’s willingness to help. The results, published on 08 May 2018 in eLife, are of great importance to understand our social human nature and to find treatments for pathologies, like psychopath individuals.

  • The Young Academy and Royal Academy delighted with NWO’s 'Refugees in Science’ pilot May 03, 2018

    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has issued a new call for proposals giving researchers who have fled their native country the opportunity to carry out research for a year. They can be given a one-year contract to work on an existing research project. The application can be submitted by the lead project investigator.

  • Forming model embryos from stem cells in the lab May 03, 2018

    Scientists from the MERLN Institute and the Hubrecht Institute (KNAW) have successfully created in the laboratory embryo-like structures from mouse stem cells. These model embryos resemble natural ones to the extent that, for the first time, they implant into the uterus and initiate pregnancy. 

  • Reading and writing the mind with brain implants May 03, 2018

    Scientists are continuously improving methods to read out brain activity and adjust or control it with brain stimulation techniques. Researchers at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience believe that these advances will lead to many new possibilities to restore brain functions that got lost or impaired as a result of an accident or disease. In the more distant future, similar technologies might also be applied to the healthy brain. 

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