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  • Ten new members for The Young Academy Dec 09, 2021

    The Young Academy will soon be welcoming ten new members. They are researchers who work in a variety of disciplines, have been selected for their scientific achievements, and received their doctorates less than ten years ago. In their research, they examine such topics as the early Greek conceptualisation of human nature, the role of AI in development issues, the ‘archaeology’ of our galaxy, and how to create an AI version of a maths teacher.

  • Academy conference on health inequalities Dec 02, 2021

    The Covid-19 pandemic has hit disadvantaged groups in society much harder than others, widening the health gap between socio-economic groups. In a new report and at an upcoming conference, leading scientists discuss how a better understanding of the disparities between groups can help reduce health inequity.

  • Report on impact of Covid-19 pandemic on researchers Nov 30, 2021

    The Covid-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the work and wellbeing of academics. Coping with the consequences will take leadership, money and a personalised approach.

  • KNAW Early Career Award for twelve young researchers Nov 18, 2021

    Twelve young researchers, three from each of the Academy’s four domains, are to receive a KNAW Early Career Award. The award, consisting of €15,000 and a work of art, is intended for researchers in the Netherlands who are at the start of their careers and have original and innovative research ideas. The KNAW Early Career Award is being presented this year for the third time. 

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