Royal Academy selects eighteen new members

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  • New Dutch national action plan for diversity and inclusion Sep 17, 2020

    The Netherlands’ Education and Science Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven has unveiled a national action plan that is meant to create an inclusive, diverse and safe learning and working environment in Dutch higher education and research. The plan calls on the higher education and research sector to work with the government to take the next step towards full diversity and inclusion.

  • Start of national study into congenital heart disease Sep 03, 2020

    About one in every hundred babies is born with congenital heart disease, of which many develop cardiovascular problems at a later age. Therefore, a large national study into congenital heart disease is launched. The goal of this project is to enable more people with ‘construction errors’ in the heart to grow old healthy. 

  • Jesús San Miguel Izquierdo will receive the Academy Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award 2020 Aug 18, 2020

    He discovered that treatment at the early smouldering stage of the disease favourably impacts on the outcome of patients with multiple myeloma, an aggressive form of blood cancer. Jesús San Miguel has also taken a leading role in studies resulting in the introduction of a series of novel drug combinations that are now part of the standard of care. 

  • European multi-annual budget great loss for research and innovation and society Jul 30, 2020

    How will we solve the challenges currently overwhelming us (like the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital society and a green transition with economic recovery) without an additional budget for fundamental research and innovation? That is the huge problem confronting more than just the academic world after the negotiations in the European Council on the EU budget. Everyone should ask themselves this, but especially the politicians in The Hague.

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