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Samenweten aims to enhance the dialogue between science and society and encourage people to ask more questions about science. Samenweten is a project initiated by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

Open for knowledge

We are facing big societal challenges: Issues such as the climate crisis, racism, public health and rapidly emerging new technologies. Topics that affect all of us to different degrees. To address these challenges, we need reliable scientific knowledge. Samenweten is committed to achieving clear communication of this knowledge and any uncertainties associated with this knowledge. Our goal is to strengthen mutual trust and understanding between science and society by starting open conversations.

What is true and why?

The daily flow of scientific and pseudoscientific information leads to a lot of questions. What is true and why? Which information can be trusted? What does all this information mean to me? How does science work actually? And how can science and society learn from each other? Samenweten wants to encourage people to ask exploratory questions and also take a critical look at the scientific evidence of statements and not to take every statement for granted.

Who can contact us?

Scientists can approach Samenweten to explore how they can involve society in their research. People with an interest in science can learn from Samenweten how to ask critical questions about scientific information. Societal organizations can approach Samenweten to get in touch with scientists.

Learn to ask questions

Do you want to contribute to more transparency about the process of science? Or are you interested in the art of questioning? Our training courses will help you to explore both. Samenweten offers courses for both scientists and people interested in science and would like to ask more and better questions about science. Each course is tailor-made, to achieve optimal effect for both the organization and participants.

Together we know more

Samenweten generates and shares expertise on public engagement of science. We advise scientists about involving society with science and we are establishing a network of scientists that have experience in effective communication of scientific knowledge. We offer our network to societal organizations that would like to talk to scientists.