scientists in conversation with society

Scientists can contact us for

  • Workshops Scientists reaching out. How do you put your research in a broad societal context?  
  • An inspiring, interactive presentation during your scientific conference or meeting about increasing the societal impact of your research
  • Tailor-made advice about improving the societal impact of your research
  • Access to a network of scientists with experience in science communication

Workshop Scientists reaching out

How do you start an open conversation about your research?
Samenweten organizes workshops for early career researchers (PhD students and postdocs) of all fields and disciplines to place their research in a broad societal context. During the workshop you discuss with a diverse panel of scientists that are experienced in science communication, science journalists as well as other experts in science communication and public engagement.

What are you going to do during the workshop?
Based on the panel discussion you receive tips on how you can more effectively interact with your target group and you learn what you can gain by engaging the general public with your research. In addition, practical assignments will help you get into contact with societal organisations.

When and how to apply?

March 26  9.30-12.30 hr online: scientists reaching out


  • Maarten Kleinhans, professor of Physical Geography, Utrecht University
  • Martine Veldhuizen, assistant professor of Languages, Literature and Communication, Utrecht University
  • Froukje Rienks, head of PR and science communication, NIOO-KNAW Wageningen

Register is closed. Selection is based on a brief statement of motivation. Main language of this workshop is English.

April 15 10.30-13.30 hr: from University to House of Representatives

Online workshop for PhD’s/postdocs about the interaction between research and politics

Participants will discuss with a panel of scientists who have a lot of experience with politics and people who work in or near the House of Representatives. How does the House of Representatives work? What are the do's and don'ts for scientists dealing with the House? 


  • Dr. Lisette de Senerpont Domis, head of Aquatic Knowledge Centre Wageningen, researcher NIOO-KNAW
  • Prof.dr. Aart Liefbroer, professor Demography VU and UMCG, and theme leader Families and Generations NIDI, The Hague 
  • Dr. ir. Melanie Peters, director Rathenau Instituut, The Hague
  • Jeroen Kerseboom, head of Research Department at House of Representatives, The Hague

Mind you: main language of this workshop is in Dutch.

registration for the workshop via this link.

Interactive presentation about public engagement during scientific meetings

Do you want to enrich a scientific meeting or retreat with an event that focuses on societal impact of research? In that case Samenweten can lead a short, interactive session about how to start a conversation with your audience and how to cope with scientific misinformation. Every presentation is tailor-made. 

Do you want to increase the societal impact of your research?

Where do you start if you want to involve society with your research? What should you pay attention to?
What works and what doesn't work? Samenweten provides advice on how you can proceed if you want to engage the general public in your research. Public engagement is customization – always. Together we can come to an excellent and feasible plan, including adequate training.

Together we know more

In order to facilitate that scientists share expertise in the field of science communication and public engagement, Samenweten is developing a digital network to meet and, above all, to share knowledge and experience. If you want to join this network, please send a message to