society in conversation with scientists

You can contact us for

  • A compact workshop Asking Questions, for example as addition to a lay seminar by a scientist
  • Practical tools to help ask questions in education
  • Access to a network of scientists with experience in science communication

Do you want to increase the impact of your event?

We offer short instructions Asking Questions for events that are all about the interaction between science and society, so that a lively and inspirational conversation can arise. We can also act as moderator. Interested? Contact us so that we can discuss together how to improve the impact of your event.

What is a good question in education? Good question!

Asking questions helps people to cope better with the huge stream of scientific news. But how do you know if you are asking the right questions? Samenweten develops (together with the Origin Center, HAN University of Applied Sciences and other parties) programs to stimulate people to ask more and better questions. It concerns all kinds of questions: why questions, questions about the evidence of scientific information and about the state of the scientific debate, what does that mean questions, request for information questions, imagine questions. The first instructional materials and other tools for students and teachers are under development. An example of such an instruction package for 11-14 year olds can be found here.

Are you looking for scientists to discuss her / his research?

Samenweten helps you find scientists who know how to talk about their research in an accessible way. So you can ask questions to scientists who are experts on a subject that matches your societal organization. We have an extensive network and are happy to help you.