Hoboken Lecture From 'Big Bang' to Biosphere door Lord Martin John Rees

9 maart 2011 van 18:00 tot 19:30 uur
Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam, Westzeedijk 345 (Museumpark), 3015 AA Rotterdam
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De wereldberoemde astrofysicus Lord Rees, 'Astronomer Royal', oud-president van de Royal Society en buitenlands lid van de KNAW houdt de eerste Hoboken Lecture

From 'Big Bang' to Biosphere – abstract Hoboken Lecture

Astronomers have made astonishing progress in probing our cosmic environment, thanks to advanced technology. We can trace cosmic history from some mysterious 'beginning' nearly 14 billion years ago, and understand in outline the emergence of atoms, galaxies, stars and planets - and how, on at least one planet, life emerged and developed a complex biosphere of which we are part. But these advances pose new questions. What does the long-range future hold? How widespread is life in our cosmos? Should we be surprised that the physical laws permitted the emergence of complexity? and Is physical reality even more extensive than the domain that our telescopes can probe? This illustrated lecture will attempt to address such issues.

De Hoboken Lecture wordt georganiseerd door het Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam en de British Council, in samenwerking met Codarts, het Rotterdamse conservatorium. De KNAW sponsort de lezing.