Building Bridges

Researchers on their experiences with interdisciplinary research in the Netherlands

Ymkje de Boer (author), Alice de Gier, Marije Verschuur en Bert de Wit (interviews, co-editing)

2007 | 72 pagina's | ISBN 90 72377 65 6 | gratis

What are the difficulties researchers face in interdisciplinary projects? And what can we learn from their experiences? What is the added value of interdisciplinary research? Fifteen researchers in the Netherlands give their opinion about epistemological, methodological and organizational aspects of interdisciplinary research. Their ideas are presented in this publication by four Dutch organizations engaged in science policy: KNAW, NWO, RMNO and COS.

Van de publicatie is ook een Nederlandstalige pdf-versie beschikbaar. De Nederlandse versie verschijnt niet in druk.