For science and scholarship

The Academy in the knowledge-driven society - Strategic agenda 2010-2015

Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen

2010 | 48 pagina's | ISBN 978-90-6984-611-8 | gratis

The Strategic Agenda 2010-2015 builds on its previous agenda Sustainable Science (2006) while acknowledging major changes both in the Academy's surroundings. The Academy devotes three sections of the Agenda to the Academy's core roles: as a society of outstanding scientists and scholars; as an organisation of institutes; and as an advisory body.

The new procedure for electing Academy members is better attuned to the dynamic nature of science and scholarship, in particular their increasingly multidisciplinary nature and the rise of new disciplines. From now on, the Academy will appoint sixteen members every year. It will also appoint more top scientists and scholars who work outside academia.