Proceedings of the XVth International Congress on Carboniferous and Permian Stratigraphy

Utrecht, 10-16 August 2003

Theo E. Wong (ed.)

2007 | x + 586 pagina's | ISBN 90-6984-479-6 | Euro 125,00

A compendium of papers first presented at the XVth International Congress on Carboniferous and Permian Stratigraphy, this book offers an overview of the latest research on Carboniferous and Permian geology. Organized thematically, the book covers a wide variety of topics, including the structural development of Carboniferous basins, the paleontology of those periods, and Carboniferous and Permian timescales and global correlations.

Environmental and climatic changes had their effects on organisms and plants. As the contributors demonstrate, a better understanding of the evolution of the earth during the Carboniferous and Permian periods will not only help us to find more mineral resources, but will also provide insight into important environmental questions of today. The volume is organized into several themes and the 49 papers are arranged alphabetically within each theme.

The papers, covering topics from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Tibet, Turkey, UK and USA, amount to the world-wide representation of the contributions during the congress.