Responsibilities of environmental research

Proceedings of a Conference at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences on September 17, 2004, Amsterdam

Koeman, Jan H. and Jan D. Schiereck, editors

2005 | 100 pagina's | ISBN 90-6984-444-3 | gratis

The Science and Ethics Advisory Committee of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) provides both solicited and unsolicited advice to the board of the KNAW concerning ethical issues of scientific research. The Committee organises conferences focussing on ethical topics either within specific scientific disciplines or of a general nature. The present conference focuses on the field of environmental science. The main questions were: 1 Why does scientific research that claims to show arguments for a change of policy, frequently remains without result? Is that caused by research itself, or by its organization, or by flawed communication either amongst researchers or between researchers and society? 2 How can individual researchers or research teams take responsibility? Who do they address and which interaction is pursued with society? This publication summarises the lectures and case studies, and the reflections of panel members on the introductions and discussions. It will help stimulating and guiding further discussions among scientists, politicians and the public at large.