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13 September 2022

Our microbes, our health: Current research on the human microbiome

    We are colonized from birth by myriads of microbes in and on our body that constitute our microbiome. Numerous studies have shown that the composition and activity of our microbiome in various body sites are associated with health and disease. 

    During the event 'Our microbes, our health: Current research on the human microbiome', a one-day joint symposium on 10 May 2022 between Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science, acknowledged experts from the UK and the Netherlands provided an update on the state of the art of the microbiome. Topics varied from its development in early life and its impact on immune programming, disease risk and host interactions to its modulation by diet and specific pharmaceutical or microbial therapies. 

    Recently, the event report was published.

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