Descartes-Huygens Prize to two nanoscientists

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  • KNAW, NWO and ZonMw to sign DORA declaration Apr 18, 2019

    KNAW, NWO and ZonMw will sign the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) on 18 April 2019. DORA is a global initiative that aims to reduce dependence on bibliometric indicators (such as publications and citations) in the evaluation of research and researchers, and increase the use of other criteria. The declaration outlines a set of recommendations on how to improve research evaluation.

  • I feel you: emotional mirror neurons found in the rat Apr 12, 2019

    Why is it that we can get sad, when we see someone else crying? Why is it that we wince, when a friend cuts his finger? Researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience have found that the rat brain activates the same cells when they observe the pain of others as when they experience pain themselves. In addition, without activity of these 'mirror neurons', the animals no longer share the pain of others.

  • Geert de Snoo appointed NIOO director Apr 04, 2019

    Geert de Snoo is the new director of the Netherlands Institute for Ecology (NIOO-KNAW). He will take over on 1 November 2019. Geert de Snoo is currently Dean of the Faculty of Science and Professor of Conservation Biology at Leiden University.

  • New prize for mid-career researchers in the humanities and social sciences Mar 21, 2019

    From this year, the Academy, together with the Dr Hendrik Muller's Vaderlandsch Fonds Foundation, will be awarding a prize every two years – the Dr Hendrik Muller Prize – to a mid-career researcher working in the Netherlands in the humanities or social sciences. The Dr Hendrik Muller's Vaderlandsch Fonds is facilitating the prize.

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