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Working for the Academy

Staff members each contribute to achieving the Academy's mission in an inclusive work environment.

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    ‘The Academy is an incubator for scholarly talent. It promotes, supports and recognises excellent science and interprets the results of research for the benefit of society. The Academy articulates the importance of scientific research, knowledge and understanding for the economic, physical, social and cultural good and the well-being of mankind.’ In doing so, it connects to society: science is at the centre of society with an open eye for the welfare of people and the world.

    The Academy stands for the importance of curiosity and an inquisitive and critical attitude. It values intuition, creativity, perseverance, meticulousness, knowledge, skill, insight and, where possible, wisdom as guiding principles of science. The Academy likes to see such competencies in its employees.

    Every employee is given the space and opportunity to make a valuable contribution to science in the Netherlands, regardless of background, gender, disability or philosophy of life, in an inclusive work environment. Diversity and inclusion are paramount in all parts of the Academy, based on respect for equality and equal opportunities for all. They also promote the quality of our scientific community, by not missing or excluding talent and by promoting diversity of perspectives where necessary.

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    The Academy does not only employ scientists. Colleagues in non-scientific positions also contribute to achieving the Academy's mission. For example, you can work in a policy, financial, administrative, communications, HR or ICT position at an Academy institute or the Academy Bureau.

    The institutes organisation and the Academy Bureau

    Academy staff members work at one of the scientific institutes in various locations across the country or at the Academy Bureau in Amsterdam.

    Twee jonge chemici in een laboratorium

    What makes it attractive to work at the Academy?

    Today's employees face the challenge of adapting to the continuously changing demands of the world around them. For the sake of their sustainable employability, it is vital that they can do their work in a healthy and positive working environment. The Academy focuses extensively on the social safety of employees in an ethical working environment (link to the Academy's social safety and ethical working environment code), the type of leadership, personal development, having meaningful work and being appreciated in the right manner. In addition, employees are offered excellent primary and secondary employment conditions.

    Attention to talent development and leadership

    The Academy considers talent development, training, and the right support for general skills development important. That is why the Centre for Career & Development was set up. Here, you can submit all your questions about career development and education and training opportunities.

    Primary and secondary employment conditions

    Meaningful work and a pleasant working environment are vital. However, we understand that salary and other employment benefits also play a role in your choice of a job. At the Academy, you can count on good, modern working conditions. The Academy observes the CAO for Dutch Universities. Based on this collective agreement, you will receive an excellent salary in line with your position and work experience, holiday allowance, a year-end bonus and a significant number of holiday hours per year (a total of 232 hours on a full-time basis). The Academy also has good secondary employment conditions.

    Would you like to work at the very heart of science?

    Over 1,500 colleagues work at ten research institutes and two institutes that offer a research infrastructure. If you would like to be part of our research community and work at the very heart of science, take a look at our vacancies in Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Utrecht and Wageningen!

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