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House rules for visitors to the Trippenhuis complex

The Academy adheres to the following house rules.

1. Definitions

Academy: the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW));

House Rules: these house rules of the Academy, that apply to all Visitors;

Trippenhuis Complex: all spaces, in and around the buildings of the Academy, that fall under the legal and/or management capacity of the Academy, located in Amsterdam at Kloveniersburgwal 23 to 31;

Visitor: anyone who accesses the Trippenhuis Complex with or without an entrance ticket, with the exception of employees of the Academy.

2. The Academy is entitled to alter the regular opening hours of the Trippenhuis Complex to allow for occasional first aid exercises and emergency drills, or in the event of a full or partial evacuation due to an emergency.

3. The Visitor shall only be entitled to (further) access the Trippenhuis Complex after having (a) used his/her entrance pass, (b) presented his/her entrance ticket, or (c) registered with security personnel and/or at the reception.

4. The Visitor must be identifiable and – if requested by the Academy – show his/her (valid) identity card. If the Visitor is not willing to do so, the Academy will be entitled to deny the Visitor (further) access to the Trippenhuis Complex.

5. For security purposes, the Academy is entitled to subject the Visitor and his/her luggage to a security screening. If the Academy wishes to superficially search the Visitor and/or inspect his/her luggage, but the Visitor denies such a search and/or inspection, the Academy will be entitled to deny the Visitor (further) access to the Trippenhuis Complex.

6. The Visitor is entitled to keep luggage of A4 size or smaller with him/her. The Academy reserves the right to refuse larger pieces of luggage. Accepted larger pieces of luggage must be stored in the unguarded cloakroom or in the lockers. Both are free of charge and at the Visitor’s own risk.

7. Upon request, the Visitor can use the (guest) Wi-Fi network of the Academy free of charge and at his/her own risk.

8. There is camera surveillance in the Trippenhuis Complex. Camera images are processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

9. The Academy regularly grants permission to third parties to make video and sound recordings in the Trippenhuis Complex. This material can be used for publicity and training purposes. If the Visitor objects to publication of material on which he/she can be clearly heard or seen, he/she must make this known to the Academy.

10. A Visitor attending an event organised by the Academy will find the (current) starting time of that event on the website of the Academy. After the start, the Visitor can be refused entry. Mobile phones must be kept on silent mode.

11. The Visitor’s stay in the Trippenhuis Complex is at his/her own risk.

12. In the Trippenhuis Complex the Visitor shall:

  • (i) if he/she has been issued a (Visitors) badge, wear it;
  • (ii) follow directions and instructions given by the Academy;
  • (iii) not disturb the Academy and other Visitors in any way (including but not limited to: inappropriate, disruptive and harmful behaviour);
  • (iv) not bring prohibited objects (including but not limited to: weapons, drugs, fireworks and dangerous substances);
  • (v) not bring pets or other animals (with the exception of guide dogs);
  • (vi) not smoke (including electronic cigarettes);
  • (vii) not eat or drink, except in designated areas;
  • (viii) not consume alcohol if he/she has not reached the legal drinking age, and furthermore not consume excessive amounts of alcohol;
  • (ix) leave the furnishings (including but not limited to: the walls, furniture and equipment) unaltered and undamaged;
  • (x) not touch objects on display;
  • (xi) not make video or sound recordings (except with prior consent from the Academy and for private use);
  • (xii) hand out, place or display promotional materials (including but not limited to: flyers and brochures);
  • (xiii) not offer any goods or services of any kind for sale to third parties, nor provide them free of charge (except with the prior consent of the Academy).

13. If the Academy believes that the Visitor has – in any way – violated the law, the House Rules or directions and instructions given by the Academy, he/she can be denied (further) access to the Trippenhuis Complex (for a certain period of time, long or otherwise), he/she can be reported to the police and he/she will be held liable for any damages suffered by the Academy. In that case, the Academy will not be obliged to pay the Visitor compensation for any damages suffered by the Visitor nor to refund his/her entrance ticket.

14. The Academy reserves the right to bar journalists from the written press, radio, television and (press) photographers from visiting the Trippenhuis Complex if no prior request for the press visit has been made (via communicatie@knaw.nl), or if this request has not (yet) been honoured.

15. The Academy may amend the House Rules from time to time and without prior notice. The amended House Rules will apply to all subsequent visits by Visitors.

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