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22 April 2022

National platform for Ukrainian scientists

    Knowledge institutions and the AcademicTransfer career platform are launching the nationwide platform for Ukrainian refugee scientists: AcademicsNLforUkraine. This is where the national offer of guest workplaces and research facilities, such as labs and workshops, will be located for temporary use by Ukrainian researchers.

    In addition, there is scope for Dutch research organisations to present their individual offers of emergency or other assistance in their own FactCard. The guest workplaces allow organisations to provide a suitable working environment for fellow researchers from Ukraine. The FactCards make it easier for researchers to find their way around and to familiarise them with the Dutch academic community.

    The AcademicsNLforUkraine platform is aimed at Ukrainian refugee scientists who wish to continue their research in the Netherlands. The platform is an initiative of Universities of The Netherlands, the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and The Young Academy in cooperation with vacancy platform AcademicTransfer. The initiators wish to use existing infrastructure and arrangements for sharing academic vacancies and information on emergency assistance. All research departments across the Netherlands are being urged to actively offer their guest workplaces and research facilities through the AcademicsNLforUkraine platform.

    Individual knowledge institutions can also highlight their own actions for Ukrainian researchers in a FactCard on the platform. This can be done by means of the AcademicsNLforUkraine FactCards. These actions include local help with finance, visas, housing, and the like. Refugee Ukrainian scientists can contact the individual research organisations via the FactCards if they have questions about continuing their research at a Dutch research organisation.

    The AcademicsNLforUkraine platform can be found at www.academictransfer.com and on the corresponding website www.factcards.nl

    On 4 March, the knowledge institutions already announced that they wished to offer a safe haven to researchers who have fled their homeland. 

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